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Feed and Giggle Playtime
Feed & Giggle Playtime


12” Baby doll that will giggle when you press her chest. Be sure to care for your baby when she is hungry. Press doll’s chest to hear 3 different baby sounds.

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Brush N Clean


Its time to Brush & Clean! Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and wash up with your Brush & Clean 10” baby. Press the faucet to hear fun sounds!

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All Better Baby


12” All Better baby is not feeling well. Can you help care for her and make her feel better? Give hugs, kisses and her medicine, she will be so happy. Press her chest to hear 6 different sounds.

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So Cute Hair Doll


Time for hair play with your friend! 10” doll with multiple fun hair accessories. Style her hair in braids and add fun with colored hair extensions or hair clips. Everything needed for a fun hair play day together.

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Twins Play & Style


Double your fun with twins hair play fun! 10” twin baby dolls with removeable & interchangeable outfits. Includes multiple fun hair accessories and assorted play bottles. Style their hair in braids and add fun colored hair extensions or hair clips. Everything needed for a fun hair play day together.

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Deluxe Twins Playset


Two is always more fun than one! Twin 15” poseable baby dolls with removeable outfits and 21 assorted accessories. Everything needed to take care of your twin babies.

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Sweet Sisters
Sweet Sisters, 2 Asst


Sisters love to care for each other as well as play together. Sweet Sisters can do all that too! Set includes 18” big sister, 12” little sister, plush pet, bib, sippy cup, brush & baby bottle. Press their chest to hear them talk to each other!

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Sweet Faith


Place Sweet Faith’s hands together to hear her sweet good night prayer. “Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Guide and guard me through the night, and wake me with the Morning light, Amen.”

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Baby Deluxe
Baby Deluxe Play Set


Deluxe set with everything you need to care for your baby! 15” Baby doll with removable outfit, bonus outfit, bib, sippy cup, feeding dish with spoon, pacifier, tissues, 7 different play bottles, 2 baby bottles and 6 building blocks.

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Sing with Me, 2 Asst


13” baby dolls will sing your classic songs when you press her chest. Each doll has her own lullaby; Twinkle-Twinkle or Mary had a little lamb, collect both styles! 2 Assorted styles to collect.

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